Months of the Year

Songwriting is an intuitive art. So many "decisions" in the writing process are gut decisions or heart decisions... musicians do what is beautiful before they do what makes sense.  But as a young writer, I knew my music was incomplete. I knew my songs didn't hold up past the fourth or fifth listen. For me, Months of the Year was a journey into the land of grounded, lasting song-craft. The challenge was: write one song for each of the twelve months. By the fall, I had finally started to meld my intuitive, heart-led approach to writing with an actual understanding of what each song was about. 

I still wrestle with this intersection of head and heart. But Months of the Year is certainly a monument. All of these recordings are rough-cut amateur tracks from my child-hood bedroom, but shining through these raw, youthful tunes are the first glimmers of a mature (and ever maturing) creative voice.

Compton :)